"Cognos Business Intelligence is a web-based integrated business intelligence suite by IBM. It provides a toolset for reporting, analytics, scorecarding, and monitoring of events and metrics. The software consists of several components designed to meet the different information requirements in a company."


Cognos is the world leader in business intelligence (BI) and performance planning software for the enterprise.

Cognos Business Intelligence delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single, service-oriented architecture (SOA). Author, share, and use reports that draw on data across all enterprise sources for better business decisions. Cognos is the only solution that provides complete BI functionality in one product on a single proven architecture it delivers.

Cognos business intelligence software delivers the information that drives better business decisions to improve your organization's performance.

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL)

Data integration technology is generally used to extract transactional data from internal and external source applications to build the data warehouse. This overall process and the steps in it are referred to as ETL for extract, transform and load. The data is extracted from its source application or repository, transformed to the format needed for the data warehouse, and then loaded into the data warehouse. Data integration technology works hand-in-hand with technologies like Enterprise Information Integration (EII), database replication, Web Services, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to bridge proprietary and incompatible data formats and application protocols.